PTP Mobile team – who are we and what do we do?

Did you know that Plymouth Tree Partnership have a mobile team of volunteers who meet once a month ?

A friendly bunch of people who have a love of trees in common, and want to see the trees that are planted in Plymouth,  cared for and encouraged to grow to make the city a better place.

Dave and I joined the group in May.  We were given a location, asked to bring enthusiasm and old clothes as we were going to weed around the bases of some trees for a couple of hours.  What a sense of achievement we all felt at the end of the session !  An unloved area suddenly looked an inviting place again.

Since then, it is a regular date in our diary. Not only are we meeting new people, but also discovering places we had passed by and not taken much notice of before.

So, if you are interested to help when you can, please make that call!


Admiring the fruits of their labour!


Trees next to a bus stop, Stoke