Family Tree Scheme

The Family Tree Scheme offers you the opportunity to make a personal contribution to one of Plymouth’s favourite places, Central Park, while commemorating a special person or marking a significant occasion.  From its beginning in 2004, the unfolding beauty of this young arboretum has been the result of many donations as well as time freely given by volunteers to maintain the trees.

Lack of space means that after November 2017 we are no longer able to plant new trees in the Family Tree Field.  However, there are two young trees which have not been dedicated and which are available for dedication subject to a minimum donation of £75.

Donations can also be made for other features that will enhance the landscape such as crafted wooden benches or as a contribution to maintaining the Family Tree Field.  When you make a donation, your name and the name of the person or occasion you want to be remembered are recorded with a short dedication message in a book kept for the purpose.  Please contact Plymouth Tree Partnership if you want to find out more.

This map shows where all the trees on the Family Tree Field may be found and their names are on this list.