Who’s who


David Curry

I’ve had a passion for nature since scrambling over the rocks and exploring the rockpools as a child at Devil’s Point. I managed to maintain the interest throughout my schooling and was fortunate enough to gain a career as Keeper of Natural Sciences at the Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery where I expanded my skills and knowledge. In the late nineties I became interested in the conservation of traditional English orchards and heritage fruit and have been working both in a voluntary and professional capacity to protect this valuable heritage.

Alan Harvey

I am always amazed by trees, how they can transform landscapes and how something so large and long lived comes from a tiny seed. I think trees are vital in cities; they provide beauty and living interest, break up the hard shapes of buildings, soften the noise of traffic, and provide shade in the summer. Being a member of Plymouth Tree Partnership and a volunteer tree warden gets me involved in helping to make Plymouth a greener and more pleasant city and it is great fun planting different types of trees and watching them as they grow and mature.

Chris Hunt

I have been working in Plymouth with trees and in gardens for the last 18 years having worked for Lloyds Bank for the previous 18 years.  I am Plymouth born and bred and love the City. I gained the RHS Horticulture Certificate in my early days and then the Royal Forestry Society’s Certificate of Arboriculture and have been a member of the Arboriculture Association for about 17 years. My business is mainly with private gardens, schools, churches, etc with a small amount on commercial premises but no street-tree or Council-type work.

I love trees, have been far too busy for my own good for many years now and not had the time to get involved with other tree-related things and that is now changing!  I have a very practical approach to Trees and Tree care and hopefully I can bring this to the Plymouth Tree Partnership.

Sandy Borthwick

I have been a director of a small business in Devonport for over twenty years and an active member in the community.   My background  includes working with other non-statutory agencies and I have much practical experience of woodland management that is directly relevant to trees and green spaces in Plymouth.  With a strong interest in the environment I am keen to raise the importance of trees as part of good quality places and to raise awareness of their contribution to health and well-being.

KEY Volunteers

Andrew Young (Tree Warden Co-ordinator)

My interest in urban trees stems from a planting scheme to brighten dark corners of the naval dockyard in 1991 and I became a volunteer Tree Warden with Plymouth Tree Partnership soon afterwards.  Since then, I have pursued my interest of trees in the built environment by visiting other cities to observe how they are responding to the multi-disciplinary challenges involved and by gaining a Foundation Degree in arboriculture.  During the national Big Tree Plant programme, 2010-2015, I led Plymouth Tree Partnership in planting 800 amenity trees and work continues to get them properly established, while planting even more new and replacement trees.