Who’s who


David Curry (Chair)

I’ve had a passion for nature since scrambling over the rocks and exploring the rockpools as a child at Devil’s Point. I managed to maintain the interest throughout my schooling and was fortunate enough to gain a career as Keeper of Natural Sciences at the Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery where I expanded my skills and knowledge. In the late nineties I became interested in the conservation of traditional English orchards and heritage fruit and have been working both in a voluntary and professional capacity to protect this valuable heritage.

Jackie Perry (Secretary)

As someone who likes city living I have always felt strongly about urban trees and reducing the divide between cities and the countryside. Trees have the capacity to soften even the most unsympathetic architecture. I would love to see a time where thoughtful tree planting and subsequent tree care forms an intrinsic part of all urban planning, rather than just an afterthought.

Stephanie Ackland (Treasurer)

Now retired, I spent my working life in Plymouth doing bookkeeping, accounts and tax work.  In 1995 I joined the Old Plymouth Society soon becoming their auditor and then treasurer. I’m also a member of a local walking group and was their treasurer for 10 years. I do general voluntary work and research at Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth’s oldest cemetery, and am treasurer of their Friends group. I was auditor of the Plymouth Tree Partnership for 6 years until 2014 when I became treasurer.

Tina Wilson (Membership Secretary)

My association with the Plymouth Tree Partnership began when the Council started to cut down many of the beautiful 100+ year old trees in my Edwardian street. I could not believe that the Council had no plans to replace them – or any of the other street trees that were being removed in the city. Plymouth Tree Partnership have been a tremendous support and with their technical expertise and contacts and via fundraising, we have managed to replace 10 of our trees. I love trees but am no expert – I am therefore happy to support the Partnership as its Membership Secretary.

Alan Harvey

I am always amazed by trees, how they can transform landscapes and how something so large and long lived comes from a tiny seed. I think trees are vital in cities; they provide beauty and living interest, break up the hard shapes of buildings, soften the noise of traffic, and provide shade in the summer. Being a member of Plymouth Tree Partnership and a volunteer tree warden gets me involved in helping to make Plymouth a greener and more pleasant city and it is great fun planting different types of trees and watching them as they grow and mature.

Chris Hunt

I have been working in Plymouth with trees and in gardens for the last 18 years having worked for Lloyds Bank for the previous 18 years.  I am Plymouth born and bred and love the City. I gained the RHS Horticulture Certificate in my early days and then the Royal Forestry Society’s Certificate of Arboriculture and have been a member of the Arboriculture Association for about 17 years. My business is mainly with private gardens, schools, churches, etc with a small amount on commercial premises but no street-tree or Council-type work.

I love trees, have been far too busy for my own good for many years now and not had the time to get involved with other tree-related things and that is now changing!  I have a very practical approach to Trees and Tree care and hopefully I can bring this to the Plymouth Tree Partnership.

KEY Volunteers

Andrew Young (Tree Warden Co-ordinator)

Naturally trees are beautiful but, for me, those in towns and cities bring the most pleasure.  Well-chosen, well-grown trees make a place special.  I enjoy working as a volunteer Tree Warden and meeting others who want Plymouth’s trees to be the best they can be.  There is always more to learn and experience comes from tending young trees and watching them grow.